Medicare and Medicaid: Do They Pay for Long-Term Care?

If you’re planning for retirement, you probably already know that 65 is an important age. That’s when you become eligible for Medicare, the federal health care coverage provider for retirees. It’s a valuable resource that provides health care protection for millions of seniors. Its sister program, Medicaid, provides similar protection for those who have little

How to Build Your Retirement Budget

Are you approaching retirement? If so, you may be in the final stages of wrapping up your career and planning your income strategy. You might be assessing your investments, considering when to file for Social Security or even reviewing your Medicare options. However, one step you may not want to ignore is the development of

Include These 3 Items on Your Annual Financial Checklist

The new year is here. It’s the perfect time to analyze your financial situation and develop a list of action items. A regular annual financial checkup can help you stay on top of potential risks and on track to meet your biggest financial goals. Ready to start your year with a financial review? Below are

Pay Off Debt or Pay for College: Which Is the Right Strategy?

If you’re in your 40s or 50s, you may be at a point in your career when your income is higher than it’s ever been. It’s common for workers to see sizable increases in compensation as they enter the later stages of their career. Their accumulated experience and knowledge help them take advantage of promotions,

3 Reasons Why You Need a Comprehensive Financial Plan

Do you have a comprehensive financial plan? If you’re like most Americans, probably not. According to a study from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, only 19 percent of Americans use a comprehensive financial plan. The remaining 81 percent either don’t have any type of financial plan or have one only for specific financial