Do You Have a Social Security Maximization Strategy?

Are you approaching Social Security age? If so, you may be facing a difficult decision about when and how to file for benefits. It could be an important decision. If you’re like many retirees, Social Security will play a large role in your retirement funding strategy. Your decision on when and how to file will

Annuity FAQ: The Basics About Annuities

Are you in the process of exploring the broad range of tools that can be used to accumulate assets, manage income and provide a sound financial foundation? From IRAs to 401(k) plans to long-term care insurance and more, there are many financial strategies at your fingertips. Many retirees choose to use annuities as part of

Don’t Let Your Child’s Student Loans Drag Down Your Retirement

Every parent wants to see their child take full advantage of all possible educational opportunities. It’s natural for you to want the best for your child and to want them to maximize their potential. That’s why many parents put a greater emphasis on saving for their child’s college education than on saving for their own

Do You Have a Plan for Incapacitation?

You probably have a plan to fund your expenses and lifestyle in retirement. You may also have a plan for how your estate and legacy will be passed on to loved ones after you die. However, there is another possible phase of retirement that also warrants a plan. It’s incapacitation, which is the physical or

Should You Downsize in Retirement?

It’s a question many retirees face at some point. The kids have long since grown and moved out. The yard and the house require more maintenance than ever. The taxes and utility costs are taking a big bite out of the budget. Is it time to sell the house and move into something smaller? There

Cut the Cord: How to Help Your Adult Child Achieve Financial Independence

Every parent dreams of the day their child completes their education, launches their career and becomes an independent, self-sustaining adult. For many parents and children, though, that day never arrives. Numerous recent studies show that a large number of adult children still receive financial assistance from their parents. One study found that 40 percent of

Don’t Make These 3 Retirement Planning Mistakes in Your 40s

Retirement planning should always be a priority, but it may take on added urgency if you are in your 40s. Once you cross 40, you may only have a couple of decades to save for retirement. That may seem like a long time; however, if you make a mistake or fail to save, you could

3 Reasons You May Need Life Insurance Even if You Don’t Have Dependents

Don’t have enough life insurance, or don’t have any life insurance at all? You’re not alone. According to a study from, four in 10 Americans don’t have any life insurance. Of the 60 percent of Americans who do have insurance, nearly half of them may not have enough.1 Why don’t they address their life

The Pros and Cons of Annuities: Are They Right for You?

  Are you considering participating in an annuity? It could be a wise decision. An annuity can help you gain tax efficiency and can offer guaranteed* retirement income. Some annuities even offer protection against downside risk. However, annuities aren’t for everyone. There are some aspects to annuities that may make them unsuitable for you. Below

5 Life Events that May Mean It’s Time for a Life Insurance Review

Life can change quickly. You can switch jobs or careers. You might get married or start a family. You may even start a business, or take over care for a parent or other loved one. When these life events happen, they may also impact your vulnerability to risk, and they may signal a need to