At Spicer Wealth Management, we take our jobs very seriously. We are an experienced team of fiduciaries who truly care and are responsible for providing you with sound financial guidance. We have access to the total marketplace and strive to efficiently and reliably help clients best reach their goals, whatever they may be.

Utilizing a step-by-step process to develop a customized program for each client, we walk through the planning process so we can best assist you in making informed financial decisions. Once we’ve established your goals, we will then customize appropriate strategies to suit your vision and objectives.

We can help you execute a sound financial program utilizing the following products and services:

Tax Planning and Management

After a comprehensive review and analysis of your current finances and tax implications come into play, we will recommend strategies that can take advantage of all tax deductions and exemptions available, as well as commonly overlooked tax-reduction strategies. We understand the intricacies of IRAs, including rollovers, transfers and required minimum distributions, and can recommend strategies for decreasing tax setbacks, while increasing cash flow. Our goal as your fiduciary is to align your tax strategies with your goals, so you will know which retirement-planning vehicles to draw on and when.

Investment Management

Whether your goal is to travel the world, buy a lake house or send your kids to college, our experienced team can help you meet your specified investment goals. Addressing your risk tolerance and comfort level, we help align your goals to the proper investments. We believe the best investment plans help you grow your assets while still allowing you ample cash flow to live a comfortable and balanced life during whatever stage of life you’re in. Because of that, will always design strategies with your preferences and best interest in mind.

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Retirement Strategies

We analyze your unique financial situation before developing strategies that can lead you to a retirement you’ve spent a lifetime building. Because we are an independent agency, we are not tied to one particular company or product and can truly offer you a wide variety of options. We will customize your plan for retirement to best align with your goals and make the transition from accumulation of wealth to preservation a smooth one. Our strategies are crafted in a way to avoid invading your principle, but add to your assets so you retirement savings will last.

Estate Conservation

Guided by your goals, we will help you set up a plan that provides for your family and efficiently gets your legacy to your loved ones and the charities you’re passionate about in a tax-advantaged manner. We understand different financial vehicles have varying tax implications and want to ensure you have taken the tax aspects into consideration when passing on your assets, while not passing on a tax issue. Our goal is to minimize or eliminate all probate from your estate by having a clear strategy in place.

Insurance Products

During our comprehensive review and analysis of your current coverage and asset allocation, we will take a close look at your insurance products. Our goal in this evaluation is to help protect your assets from any unforeseen events that may occur, whether it’s a car accident or a home burglary. Our team will take a fine-tooth comb over each of your outlined strategies looking for holes to make sure you are adequately covered. We are experienced in all things insurance, from annuities to life insurance to long-term care, and can help you stay protected from now until the end of your retirement, all the while staying within your budget.